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A Company For The Curious!

Birmingham based theatre company run by current third year Stage Management students at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Putting Audience’s First

You Are Our Focus

We strive to put audience’s at the heart of every project that we undertake. We care about what you think and what you experience. 


We strive to animate spaces that may not normally be used in the way that we might use them for a project or experience.


By animating the space, audiences will get the chance to experience spaces in new and intresting ways.


We strive to create different projects and experiences to that of normal theatre and arts industry shows or performances. 


When putting on projects, we are constantly trying to look at it from an audience perspective, and want to make it fun for you!


…Until Proven Guilty

An immersive jail experience, where you, the audience member, will become one of six suspects of a recent murder. It is your job to decide which of you is the murderer and why, using evidence found and given to you. Use your recreation time wisely, watch out for corrupt guards, and remember not everything is always as it seems…

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