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Past Projects

Tagline Theatre was established in 2016, the first official project under the ‘Tagline’ name was Cluedo, however third year Stage Management students on the course have been producing projects that animate spaces since the course began back in 2008. Below are a selection of the past projects created by the different teams.  

…Until Proven Guilty is an immersive jail experience, where you, the audience member, will become one of six suspects of a recent murder.

It is your job to decide which of you is the murderer and why, using evidence found and given to you. Use your recreation time wisely, watch out for corrupt guards, and remember not everything is always as it seems…

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Production Team: Lucy Gosden – Production Manager, Matt Evans – Deputy Production Manager, Ibraheem Hamirani – Project Director, Alexandra Littler – Story & Creation, Conal Walsh – Head Of Technical Production, Bobbie Calnan – Head Of Creative Production, Rebecca Critch – Project Designer, Arran Pallan – Head Of Props, Emily Davies – Wardrobe Mistress, Emma McConville – Set & AV, Abbie Morgan – Head Of Lighting & Harry Card – Sound Designer

You had to put your criminal minds together to pull off Birmingham’s biggest heist.

Tagline’s second project took a turn away from solving a crime. Instead, you had to commit a crime.

Using your group’s knowledge and problem-solving skills to escape as you had the chance to be a part of an immersive experience that was bound to keep you on edge and forced you to make quick split-second decisions in order to succeed.

Production Team: Connor Dickens, Charlie Earl, Dylan Ward-Jones, Josh Edwards, Rebekah Butterill, Nicole Franks, Ruth O’Brien, Sara-Jayne Smyth. 

‘Cluedo’ took place between Thursday 27 April and Saturday 29 April 2017.

‘Cluedo’ was invented in the Birmingham suburb of Kings Heath between 1943-45 and launched by Waddingtons in 1949. The object of the game is to determine who murdered the game’s victim, Dr Black.

The live action ‘Cluedo’ was an immersive murder mystery event in which participants had to find out who killed Dr Black, by helping Detective Diggory Brown question suspects and search for clues.

‘Taming Of The Crew’ was a live, interactive Shakespearean gameshow. 

With the new facilities available to the students in Parkside, the students on the third year Stage Management course took the opportunity to create something new, exciting and never been done before at Birmingham School Of Acting. 

Production Team included: Amelia Bullock (Games Master), Aaron Eccleston (Lighting Designer), Anna Lambert (Marketing Officer), Sam Parkinson (Front Of House), Matthew Peyton (AV Co-ordinator), Chloe Riley (Casting Director, Props & Wardrobe Mistress), Kirsty Smith (Production Manager), Thomas Stoney (Head Of Construction), Eliza Waters (Sound Designer & Composer), Jo Wright (Designer) and Toby Ford (Host). 

The challenge to find the lost Princess within interactive experience. 

King Boswell has summoned the realm to assist him in his search to find the mussing daughter, Princess Arianna. Explore the mysterious forest of Riddlewood and complete it’s challenges in this interactive installation. 

AE Harris, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. 

Production Team: Nathan Babb (Design), Amber Curtis (Props & Set Dressing), Carys Eaton (Lighting & Power), Tim Henshaw (Design), Elisa Jones (Head Of Design), Alexa Lawrence (Front Of House), Nikki Sammons (Project Manager), Kate Thompson (Sound) & Joanna Woolley (Marketing & Admin). 

Calling all gaming fans, competitive people, and those up for a bit of fun!

Beat The Game was a live interactive event where you experienced the virtual video gaming world become an immersive reality. Teams for 4 players were challenged in a series of levels in order to Beat The Game.

Over the two show days Stage Management students screened hour blocks of classic silent films from 10.15am. During intermissions there were musical accompaniments in the form of a pianist, fun period games to compete in and confectionery from the 1910s available to enjoy during the film, along with a complimentary programme. 

Guests were welcomed by ushers dressed in traditional costumes, also created by the Stage Management undergraduates.